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About SICK

The Sudbury Indie Creature Kon

Welcome to SICK – the pulse of horror in Canada's North! Nestled in the heart of Sudbury, Ontario, we are more than just a festival; we are a movement, a convention, a celebration of the eerie, the strange, and the downright terrifying. Our mission? To cast a spellbinding spotlight on the world of horror, transforming Sudbury into a haven for the macabre and the imaginative.

At SICK, we blend the lines between reality and the unimaginable, offering fans and industry professionals alike a unique platform to immerse themselves in the depths of horror. From edge-of-your-seat screenings and star-studded panels to hands-on workshops and networking opportunities, we're not just showcasing horror – we're making it.

Join us in our quest to honour the classics, champion the new, and write the next terrifying chapter in horror history. Whether you're a fan, a filmmaker, or a thrill-seeker, SICK is your destination to revel in the art of the scare and ignite your passion for all things horror.


Our Story

Once upon a spooky time in Sudbury, Ontario, a visionary director named Douglas A. Ewen conjured up something thrilling. It started small - a gathering of like-minded horror and film enthusiasts in a cozy non-profit cinema. But oh, how it grew! Like a tale straight out of a horror classic, SICK blossomed rapidly, fueled by the city's insatiable appetite for all things eerie, nerdy, and cinematic.

By our second year, we were a whole new beast. Picture this: the air buzzing with excitement, fans mingling with icons like Lynne Griffin, Geretta Geretta, Lesleh Donaldson, and more. And workshops? We're talking top-notch sessions led by Canada's crème de la crème of independent distributors and producers!

Fast-forward to now, and SICK is not just an event; it's a phenomenon. Each year, we bring the chills and thrills to Sudbury, turning it into a horror hub. Our mission? To keep the screams coming and support filmmakers in their quest to craft spine-tingling stories.

So, grab your popcorn and join us on this eerie adventure. At SICK, we're not just celebrating horror; we're living it, one scream at a time!



These are the minions that help make us SICK !


David Boudreau

Graphic Design, Marketing


Lars A Melby

Event Planner


Adrienne Earnhart

Event Planner



Jessica Chin King

Event Photographer

Our Sponsors

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