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The Sudbury Indie Creature Kon is made up of film directors, producers, event co-ordinators and film experts. S.I.C.K strives to bring the very best of horror and film to Northern, Ontario and to do so; we need the best!

Douglas A. Ewen is an award-winning writer/director who was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Ewen, who now resides in Ontario, Canada, is known for his horrific, quirky, and often outrageously comedic writing within the horror community. Ewen's last feature film, End Flux (2022), won numerous Best Feature awards as well as the Best Canadian Feature Film award from the Vancouver Independent Film Festival.


Douglas A. Ewen


Nat headshot.png

Dr. Natalia Kargbo

Executive Producer & Director

Natalia Kargbo was born in St.Petersburg, Russia and resides in Ontario, Canada. Natalia works full-time as a medical doctor in Northern, Ontario but also models, acts and is an artist working with oil painting. Natalia also coordinates events, Project Grab Hold (2019), that help raise funds for local charities. Natalia won 'Best Actress' in 2022 for her work in 'End Flux' a psychological horror thriller that won multiple 'Best Feature' awards including national and international awards.


Sanjay Mohanta

Executive Advisor

Sanjay Mohanta

Event Coordinator


Sanjay Mohanta

Executive Advisor

Bryanna Vachon

Event Coordinator

 I have my degree in Accounting from the University of Waterloo and my CPA designation. I currently serve on the board of many charities and foundations as well as help organize events with many embassies and high commissions in Ottawa. A wide variety of contacts including a Grammy winner, Oscar nominee and a woman knighted by the Queen are some of Sanjay's many collaborators. Look forward to his spicy ideas in this year's SICK!

Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie Ontario, Bryanna is a class of 2021 graduate from Sault College's Digital Film Production Program. With a love for horror and genre films, Bryanna's biggest inspirations are Wes Craven and Tim Burton! Bryanna actively works on film sets in Northern, Ontario and is also a director of film herself!

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